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Orthodontics is a specialized area of dentistry that diagnoses, corrects and prevents dental irregularities. Our orthodontist, Dr. Gizel Tabibnia, strives to provide the leading comprehensive orthodontic treatment at Burbank City Dental. We are constantly researching new trends, techniques and treatments to modify our orthodontic treatment. Our practice is equipped with the most advanced technology to perform all diagnostic tests and treatments.

Benefits of Orthodontics

A straight smile

Easy maintenance

Improved speech

Healthy gums

Reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease

Correct jaw pain

Candidates for orthodontic treatment may want to address chewing problems, misalignment, gaps and overcrowding issues. If left untreated, dental health may worsen over time. During the initial consultation, the dentist will perform a thorough dental exam to evaluate their oral health. X-ray exams will also be done to further assess the patient’s teeth. The dentist will spend time discussing the patient’s needs and concerns. If orthodontic treatment is recommended, the dentist will create a personalized dental plan for the patient. All treatment plans will detail all aspects of the orthodontic timeline. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing a comfortable and seamless experience at Burbank City Dental.

Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Tabibnia will prepare the teeth and place the braces within a short appointment. She will place the braces and provide care instructions for the patient. Dr. Tabibnia will advise the patient on the recovery process, treatment details and care instructions. Slight discomfort and soreness may occur following the treatment. Dr. Tabibnia will meet with patients periodically throughout the treatment process to adjust and monitor the patient’s treatment. Patients will be advised on retainer wear time and how to maintain their perfect smile following treatment.

Children’s Orthodontics

Dr. Tabibnia specializes in the leading orthodontic care and treatments customized for children. We strive to accommodate for every child’s needs throughout treatment. Dr. Tabibnia will meet with each patient to determine their candidacy for the procedure and develop a treatment plan. The dentist will meet with each the patient every few weeks for monitoring and adjustments. Parents are encouraged to ask any questions or concerns they may have about our orthodontic treatment throughout their child’s care at Burbank City Dental.

If you are interesting in our premier orthodontic care, please contact our staff today to book your consultation.

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