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Tips for Adults with Braces

You may have thought your chances of getting braces passed with your teen years, but if you find yourself as one of the many adults who deal with wearing braces, there are a few things you should know to get the best results out of this tooth adjusting process. Dental experts encourage those with braces to give their teeth a little extra tender loving care. To get in touch with the top orthodontist in Burbank, contact Burbank City Dental today.

Things to Avoid

The Academy of General Dentistry recommends that those wearing braces avoid eating chewy or sticky candy or desserts, hard or crunchy foods, biting your lip, breathing excessively through your mouth and pushing your tongue against your teeth. Each of these activities can cause problems with your braces and or your mouth in general so it’s best to avoid them as much as possible. Read More >

Why do We Have Two Sets of Teeth?

Have you ever stopped to consider why we humans have two sets of teeth? We develop our “baby” teeth first and then our permanent or “adult” teeth come in. Why do we have to go through this process of loosing our teeth only to have new ones grow in? Is it just a racket for the tooth fairy? Read on to learn the purposes of both sets of teeth and why taking diligent care of our teeth can help in maintaining our overall health.

For more on dental health and orthodontics, contact the top Burbank Dentist, Burbank City Dental today. Read More >

Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Smile

Maintaining a healthy smile is important for many reasons. It can contribute to good self esteem and it is reason enough to keep the pain and discomfort of tooth aches at bay. Healthy teeth and gums are also important because studies have shown gum disease and poor oral health can lead to other health challenges, including heart disease. For more information about the top Burbank dentist, schedule a consultation with us today.

Read on for five simple tips to help you and your family maintain a healthy smile with the help of Burbank City Dental. Read More >

Top Bad Habits Affecting Your Teeth

Some bad habits are hard to break, but part of breaking a bad habit is realizing you are doing it in the first place and the impact that it has. There are a number of bad habits that can impact your teeth and your dental health—some that you may not even be aware of. For the top Burbank dentist and orthodontist, contact Burbank City Dental for your options in stress-free oral hygiene.

Below are some of the top bad habits that affect your teeth.

Chewing on Ice

Who doesn’t love an ice-cold beverage? However, did you know that crushing down on ice with your teeth can potentially cause damage to your teeth? While the tooth’s enamel more often than not beats the ice, sometimes I’s not so lucky. Ice is capable of breaking enamel and even chipping the tooth’s enamel, so it’s best to avoid crushing ice with your teeth. To help break this habit, use a straw when drinking ice-cold beverages. Read More >

Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

It is important to take special care when it comes to baby teeth. After all, we all need healthy, strong teeth to chew our food properly, speak well, and have a nice smile as we grow. When we think of common baby concerns, we don’t often consider the fact that children’s tooth decay might become one of them.

In fact, it seems strange that they would even develop tooth concerns so early in life when you consider they don’t even have teeth yet. Surprisingly, infants and toddlers are still highly susceptible to cavities and tooth decay. Baby bottle tooth decay can easily become a troubling issue for new mothers if the right precautions are not taken. Moreover, it is vital to develop a good oral care routine for children to ensure their teeth form properly and are protected as they grow older. Read on to explore how dental issues such as baby bottle tooth decay can develop and how to prevent or treat the concern if necessary. Read More >

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